try to clarify the accruing sensations

the following cremated remains of this

station I’ve planted myself firmly

feet first in this catastrophe apostrophe S

is where I’d like to be and behold these

blundering thoughts these criminal and symbolic

trollops I look to with wanting and be there no doubt

I’m drawn to the pout of a lip and scorn from the mouth

I scout out locations for base rememberings this

system of plotting things out down to the last

ounce of my willpower shout out I WILL have

a lover a fighter a god damned candlestick maker

I’m made of three hands and no doubts

that I’ll make a good man out of me without

the pain that I’ve been dragging my ass through

like the past is a carpet and I’m your dog

gone on to that great upstate farm in the sky

no longer able to try but still god damned trying



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