moon light rests upon the query

a decadent question of my sanity

as all the will to move leaves me

and limbs go stiff and ridged

eyelids split and open wide a

cause for beating hearts arrives

and centers on my

sight this night I don’t think I’m

alive much longer going on

the assumptions of a child

I’m catching screams in my throat

fish hooks dangling down inside

and pulling me apart

I see no reason that this season of

the splintered night should part

anecdotal evidence of shadows twisting

forming fecund figures on the wall

dancing towards and it affords me with

a split second of ice

water flowing through me and accruing me

keeping me a morsel caught up in the

remorse of my stubborn limbs refusal

to obey

never in my few years did I think that

the world held so much fear so much

desperation and hunger

teeth that bite and eyes that leer

and I am the focus of a specter

a sheet of black against the night

a mouth of serrations and innocence ripping

tragedies to make of me a meal that bleeds

and shortly squeal I bolt upright at this

unreasoning thought of my lives bitter end

and hands they creep upon the wall

a light-switch to be found I’m

thrown against the light a savoir

but the screams in me will still

begin to sound

out and drown out all the silence

that the mid-night hours afford

labored breathing and the shrieking

bring me back to waking

chords of muscles in my neck

pulled taunt and tears run down

my face a boy of single digits

and a nightmare has been found


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