If MANY years from now I should die in some spectacularly mundane fashion, display this photo of me, have an open casket with me in full garb, and have someone simi-drunkenly give a rousing speech about what an amazing adventurer I was… Actually, if I should ever write up a will (or have cause to) that shit is DEFINITELY going on page 1 line 1.

Honestly? I’m kinda surprised I don’t already have the kind of quasi-notoriety/infamy bigfoot does with the amount of times I’ve walked around this city dressed as a pirate for no god damned reason.

People should be talking about me in hushed whispers, being all “have you seen the pirate dude?  Whats HIS deal anyway?” That would be fucking awesome!

But no… the most I get is complete strangers shouting “ARRRGH!” at me, at the top of their lungs, sometimes from across the street or from passing cars… Happens every time I go out without fail…

People have zero respect, common decency, or class when it comes to how they react to anyone who isn’t wearing the cookie cutter outfits presented to us by the fashion industry and by society as a whole, which I find to be limited to the max, and highly disheartening.  It is my honest belief that PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE has a hidden persona that COULD be expressed but for the most part is killed when a child first looses his innocence to the world.  No one thinks when they’re four that they want to grow up, dress like a dude-bro, and live life for the sole purpose of making money/securing said money/having offspring that they can emotionally stunt into carbon copies of themselves.

I just happen to be a pirate somewhere in my little bearded heart, and I seriously GIVE ZERO FUCKS about what anyone has to say about it that is in any way negative or derogatory.  Maybe if they used a little insight, and really thought about themselves, they wouldn’t be so god damned boring.

At this point, if I’m honest with myself, its the regular clothes that feel like the costume, and the hard won effigies of my “alternate reality” self that feel more like who I truly am.

WOW that was a hell of a stray thought that got away from me there, but shit, it happens… Sometimes you just gotta rant…


5 thoughts on “RANT OF A MODERN PIRATE

  1. Here’s a Poem
    Zachary Binks is a Pirate
    A Pirate that has been given carte a blounche
    He will raid ships of well mental health
    Cannons blowing, twenty four at least
    Swing from ropes, board from, boards
    A Pirate of Mental Health

    This is what happens
    If you ignore the Pirates of Mental Health

  2. If but you die of misadventure
    I give you my word (I have may said this before)
    I am enamoured by Zachoury Binks
    I will do a poem

    Called Rant of a Modern Pirate
    It will have Rhyme and Meter
    This is what I am told you need for a poem
    Don’t put in four line stanzas

      • Sorry for the delayed response, and thanks for the feedback/comments! As for your critique: when I write I just sort of let it flow, I’m not so much concerned with exactly how it comes out, more that I get it out of me. Its more of a cathartic process than an act of creativity. ANYWAY, thanks again!

      • No mate, it was more about me than you. The closing date for the Ipswich Poetry Feast closed today. I loved your freeflow, we need more freeflow in this world.

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