I think its time I spoke with far more blunted tones

than ever before

with words that strike straight to the truths that I am

concealing within myself

with flowery texts and and letters abreast each other

seeding lines with light

I am quite the liberal dancer when it comes to

shedding truth with lies

the baby with the bathwater they say when they

describe what you have done

you cast aside a trusted friend with all the pain you

have hard won

from histories that seek to harm us both I cannot

lie of that

but I will lay my head and rest each night knowing

I haven’t slept

My body on a thirty six hour trend of insomnia

and decay

I split the atom with my longing and loneliness

decimate dismay

and it would be a fair trade to admit all wrongs and

take whats coming

a bout of words slung with the hatred you must feel

for all my feelings

so bring it on and end this fast this breach in our

everlasting trust

where you and I are us two close friends treading water

and scribbling dust

its rusted and decaying hulk of what we were and ever would

become a splinter

ever after walking lines just like I should

Its all my fault

I shouldn’t bray out all the rotten lust I had inside

but to be

fair it was there seeded by yourself in

times gone by

I bide my time and wait for an answer from

the messages I scribe

in this medium a shared expanse of blasted earth

where we both reside



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