caught in the blast radius of a

decades old mistake

struck a nerve between love

and obsessive tendencies

striations behaving the way

the must take

when the caves we are in

buckle in and create

a safe haven never again

this place where I wept is now

my heart’s grave

never gave up the concept of

walking that line

between your landmines

and the ones deep inside

roll a field on its end and I’ll

smoke it to the filter

I’ve been needing a cigarette

ever since I quit her

no memories are worth

blowing off my face

cutting off both my hands

and wanting to get wasted

so I buried the axe so far

I split the log

between any chance of forgiveness

or going along

with the reactionary actions

you took when you ran

leaving a crippled man

to his own defenses

I may never get past this

holy argument

between two disasters

just waiting to happen


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