Caught in a time

zoned out on a brine soaked

reality is where I belong not in this

banality where all has gone wrong and

I’m still back in the when where I

cannot begin to describe this

anachronistic sidetracked mind

where my way of dress is a mess

of a faucet dripping its way into

leaving this all behind

and I find that I’m better off living

a life worth behaving like a

gentleman rather than a

frantic miscreant like all the others live

a birth right reacher is where I

all began and its not enough to

be up to the cause of this

supercilious fantasy where I am

more than I seem but it seems that

I’m dressing the part of a

mean ass bastard a tragic upstart

where I cause lots of trouble

for the eyes of every beholder

I fold back my frenzy and please

only me



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