I fed on longing and disgrace

discredited my own words with this

needy supplemental letter sent

just as a reminder of my face

that grows ever thinner

losing itself to the mirror image

and I will not falter in this

pleasant descent into madness

fill me up with self loathing

with your absence your silence

is tearing me apart

and I’m not much of a man

without a companion to

desecrate my heart

so its not enough to send out this

pleading insistence that I am

witless without you by my side

I’m not enough to fill

a god damned jar of pride

so do not forget me I’ll be

here when you come calling

with your apologetic lips just parting

and placing me in my way now

astride a flimsy lie where you

would call me not as repulsive

as I clearly am to you I am

not enough of a man to

be a man for you



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