behind shuttered eyelids

these windows of the soul

are darkened highways

paths reserved for nightly

travels by beasts who traverse

this dimly lit and hollow mind

where all is silent save for

creeping horrors and fears

that stricken me with doubt

I am a sallow dreamer a

fear filled corpse at night

where the hungry things

always find me quite delectable

and pierce my heart with

doppelgangers of all I love

in a parade of wicked flesh

and rending limbs and bodies

is their way of saying:

they’ll never leave me be

those close to me are susceptible

to strangulation and flagellation

above all else exsanguination

for my demons reap in all seasons

and leave me cowering in tears

before the dawn

comes with its searing light

a measure of justice

to burn out all there eyes

and give me time to rest easy

I’ll slumber all morning

to save myself the plight

of waking mid-nightmare

in the darkest hours of

screams and I’m a coward

to believe that its alight

to leave the light on

but I cannot take another

awakening in the dark

when night has fallen ill



One thought on “BEHIND CLOSED EYES

  1. I love this line:

    ‘…I’m a coward
    to believe that its alight
    to leave the light on’

    Very good.

    —Lola Elvy

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