I drag my mind away from the

surroundings holding me in

askew arms that brashly berate me

separate me from my tentative sanity

and stare into the eye of a saintly

figure clasped on wrist that baits me

draws my sight within its eyes a

whirling mass of cogs and flying lies

its tick will click its way into my

battered subsconcious in a bray a

splash will set down as it

cannonballs its gears into my brain

and for a moment take away the pain

to sedate me with its tocking flickering

brass round rocking and flocking its

way away into me subduing me and

making me oh so temporarily okay

just enough to get through this

horrid tryst with therapist

this session that makes me

regress and slip into sadness

that only clockwork amputations

can fix




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