trying to wake to face the day

and I am a million times asleep

this false awakening is blistering me

and keeping me at bay

no time to wreck this rhyme or

reason to comply with my mind

I am a tricky bitch when it comes to

beating up myself

so it would be conceivable to bleed

through this impenetrable wall

I am not safe within this safe

that I have made out of four walls

its always been my fault or so it seems

or so I tell me when I lay down my

head and try in vain to sleep

I berate me and vacilitate the blame

from people to people but always

coming home to rest upon my head

when I can’t rest or rather sleep instead

no coming home or home coming for me

I lost all hope when all the people that I need

did walk away and forsake

me I partake of me and take in all the sights

that I can see when I finally shut my eyes

and float away into unease


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