my breath is still wavering day to day

as I cast my hole ridden nets and continue to wait

for signs that you miss me or care to return to the earth

but it’s been hollow months and empty days

since dozens of them passing without pace

and I do not dare to remember the look of you

I’m splintering memories shattering faces

skating along on what’s left of my hatred

feeling nothing but the place that you left in my soul

I dole out the remnants of my social life

I’m skipping from person to person in strife

and no longer caring just how long I dare to be alone

I cannot control the ease of my downfall for good

it’s been two long months since the day that you fled

from memories and feelings you certainly dread and I’m

left with the heartache that you have departed for good

I’m no longer certain that you will return I’m rather

unearthly when viewed from afar and you won’t remember

the times shared together were good

but I surely would


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