adversity at first decrees

submission of all all those underneath

and it would seem that all that bleed

would crumble under pressure unbelievable

inconceivable blasphemies replete with every

damned thing I could be I’ll be a monster

or be saintly in the eyes of all that see

and all I see is a blank expanse of void

that’s staring back at me a empty pool

but set askew of all the things that I could be

this crooked mirror reflects me and makes me

monstrous it seems

and will you tear apart the cover slip of this

package you revered and never needed

when simply looking once was enough to

see what I contain and mean it

its a contrary delight to know that someone

out there once upon a time did know me

from inside to the craigy surface sheet

and would it be fair to say you’re unaware

of the way I’ve lived since you cast me aside

and would it be truthful to pronounce

whatever that we had did die

upon the night and coming dawn where you

did take your leave of me and all I’ve meant to you

a decade and a half

or mostly is it now enough to look out

from behind my clasp shut eyes and

see you by my side with your

predatory smile

or would it be enough to lapse into

a nightmare sequence slipping in you into

my fears and darkest dreams

where sanity rips in two


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