I never thought to ask why

or wonder if others could even

question WHY

the validity of my craft is plain to see

laid bare for me and bleeding pregnant meaning

I write to spit and spit to empty me

these words you see are naught but

pretty feces

voided emotional shit

dropped from brain to wrist to fingers

to tapping keys that dance spider quick

along ebony black keys

so much for the poetry of poetry

this is stoking me to higher reason

I entice my mind and bash my head in

spilling brine filled brains upon this

virginal page that begs for blackening

sops up my suffering and

absorbs all my self loathing

just enough to keep me

from feeling



One thought on “WHY?

  1. Interesting, well done – but I’m not sure what I think… sometimes write to rid myself of the pain. Oter times I write to reinforce the joy so…. guess it can be all things to all people?

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