I have a call coming in

each night same time

splendid indifference and

truth told straight without much

consistency I’m picking up again

on the off chance that friendship

is what I’ll have and give

simplicity I’m repeating verbal ticks

and wishing for one day to be in

her presence but its not enough to give

I’ve gotta be enough to be enough again

so much history is building each

blasphemous grin that comes bleeding

from ear to ear at the shit she says

and its only her who gets the full story

and I’ve got a full novel a storied history

so hold on  tight and be ready for the ride

when it comes I’ll be dialing that number

frightfully fast and if the phone rings

I’m on it first tone just fast enough to

garner an insult on my comings and goings

cause she’s all knowing and flitting feelings

growing causal flickering this shit is just enough

to keep me going



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