whispering past sanity and

levity is leaving me with

nothing more than this brief feeling

of passing over where I needed to be

a certain place if anywhere i couldn’t bear

to bare it all and face the scorn of

making a real attempt to call this off

these days are ticking off on the counter

in my head that’s leaving me alone

and simply better off

healing my way through this ruckus

stranded here on the cusp of success

never anything more than I’d be if

all i am is what you needed once

upon a time but never again I’ve

decoded my rhymes

my purpose build cacophony of

splinters rending flesh like seeds

and shifting my long winded destiny

to spilling all the god damned beans

I’ve told it once and told it twice

got sick and tired of playing nice

and now I’m getting along and moving on

but not before the coming dawn


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