a flicker in my mind

a sediment of time gone by

so sought after yet unkind

I’m splendid thereafter but always blind

I cannot make this second guess worthwhile

or out of style again

I’m filtering through a lobotomy

and hoping its just sand

that echoes through my innards

filling me up with new hope

that this day is a beginning a

sequence of events that ends with

never ever ever giving up

the chances that I’m given

sup upon the dinner that I’m fed

and never let things

endings aren’t enough to keep me still

my heart’s a bitter pill to swallow or make hollow

fill this semi truck with all I bottle

up and get fed up with all the anger and

regressed emotions twice for every meow

three times every time I feel now

seconds pass and I don’t know if it’s enough

to stuff me with this lump

a chest incision not even close to

bringing me to tears

Its as I’ve always feared

I’m never ever ever ever ever

getting near to another

or closing that gap now



3 thoughts on “CLOSING THE GAP

  1. Have you thought about shortening them a bit? Maybe a bit of Rhyme, bit of Meter? Man, this Black Kettle telling the Black Pot. Think about it.

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