relied upon facillities of my

eccentricity I’m

bubbly and cheery only when

you are near me and its

dear to my heart this consistancy

of waves of tragedy where  when

it crests I’m at my best and when it falls

all this goes to hell

and it smells like I’m brewing a batch of

disaster so tasteless and faceless atrocity

bless you at the behest of me stress me

and I’ll break free one day if not today

then tomorrow procrastinate my own sorrows

and borrow a better day from yesterday

blister this infestation and press my lips to

a god damned crustation I’m a nation of

poverty in one fatherless person

so sue me if I’m true to me and blue in the face

with symbols I hate and no  idea where I’m going

no direction or self reflection I don’t have a clue

what I am or what I should be I’m just

purposeless and imperfect

with cravings that cost me my honesty and

leave me with faulty decisions where I’m just

a painted on face with a crooked grin I’m

laughing but where do I begin I’m not

ending till the day comes that I find

just one god damned person to give a fuck

and find me just fine the way I am



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