bereft of the life that screamed unseemly

but burden with a persistent dream

a hollow loop of rumination

separating me from the sane and patiently

plastering my thoughts with hope and loss

I find it all so similiar and costly

frosted over are the words I spoke

and retread by a friend  unspoken

sprinkle with salt and taint with rage

she’s going through  the same-such thing

and dreams are meant to be forgotten

reality swallows and defecates all I

yearn for turns to burnt flesh and ashes

nothing lasts and everything passes

pass me on the street and see me

beaming out a hope and feeling

everything in technicolor

memories deleted but sometimes

replayed ten times over

never bolder than when I can see it in

her eyes and speech patterns  only

delay the time and  uncover the rhyme

of this reason to deny to cry foul play

and dismay just give her what it takes

to live another day




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