recollections even when napping

sleep no reprieve from the soul sapping

strength of features gleaned from history

this story of this premise of disaster

his face etched into my memories

fastened upon the wall of my being

a portrait of what not to be

a man with no control

who is all needs and no soul

just want and no desire to know

what others face when graced with his

distasteful hands in haste he grips

and tastes and rips my empathy my dreams

forever more I’ll scream in nightly remembrances

of the misdeeds he placed upon me  and  its

never removed this tattoo of shame upon me

that twisted me and scored me just as he scorned me

for every night I fell apart at his hands  he had

so many days ahead planned for me simply to

forget me walk away when I was no  more use to he

who took me in his arms and made me feel safety

only to take it away from me

so I despise all would be fathers seeking eyes that

glisten with the waters of loneliness and regrettably:

vulnerability they seek out those with maximum




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