transmissions received an

un-rescinded invitation of glee

of the need to keep at it keep

cracking the smile that pleases

keep opening lips and speaking

fingers moving at a clip unseemly

and bleeding into blurs of motion  obscured

an unheard of feat of poetic extradition

ecstatic intermissions of

you’re there but I’m feeling you down here

and pleased that your flying even  though

I’m still found  to be falling and

its enough to be crawling when the

heights reach so high that I

can’t even perceive of the sights that I’m

damned near blinded by

so by and by remember times gone by

and people who said “bye” when you

left the earth fly

so try as I might I might not be so  polite

when  I stake my claim and scream into

the nightmare I’m ankle deep in reaching

up to be where I can be and its

enough to just see that I’ll be where

you’ll be some day


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