spoiled by the way this came to light

a blight on my phosphorous glowing night time

and belied by this symphony of sacred sorrow

I’m carried further on by the weight of my own skin

falling off

its a seedless fruit in a world of blight

just one chance to eat and get it right and I’m

not without hunger this pasteurized assault on my senses

tasteless and frightful

nautical but insightful and brightening the sights

I’m encountering endless nights

but its enough to be carried on by the

weight of my bones that keep me drifting on

the gravity of this moment leads me splinters pleases

me with its eccentricities and I believe it will be

one day heeded that I’m ok when I’m no

longer lead astray but this

insatiable desire to be aquired and consumed by a

consummate quire an inquiring clergy of

pasty vampires who will  never be any way

at all like me

the one light that still shines is all I can see

a false hope homing beacon




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