crawling through the dredges of

personal sewage I’m

accruing the knowledge that I’ve

got very little reason to get

through this brutal dissidence where

I’m just a trickle heading against

the current miles thick

and these thoughts of persecution

of being singled out dropped down

left alone and rotted out

cropped out and lined over

nothing left to do to tide me over

to the morning comes and I’m

still here just getting older

and bolder in my choices but

not making many cause fate

held me in its hands

and found my destiny petty

a trinket a dobble of dabbling in

noble processes just enough to

keep my head throbbing

hands groping at the light

when it pours in and blinds me

finds me unworthy of seeing

that space where I’m breathing

with headaches pounding

and heart pleading for release

or just to stop never know if it’ll

come undone at this conundrum

where I’m piqued with stress

and picked for the pile

no style no class just a mouthful of

poison words and choices that

lead me to reach for a

morsel a semblance of reason and

a resemblance between me and

where I need to be

I’m still crawling



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