ecstatically I present my new findings

on these words that we find binding and

the strings that held them tight

where beginnings meet the ending and

then double forward back again to

shift the drifters hearts towards a

never ending plight

and its not enough to desecrate myself to

reach out a hand again and have it

never even found

and I’m bleeding sure

but its in its own way pure

a surer form of currency much harder to ignore

so stripped of all uncertainty I’m left bereft of voice

and seeming like a better choice for next years

most voted to fall flat on his face

but its not tasteful to elect to pass myself off as erect

when I’m not much of a man when it comes down to it

I’m just a grimace a look of pasty awe

and upturned note at the end every hopeful little song

because I don’t believe it when I say that its alright

the world is no longer awesome when I’m

ruptured on the inside

a hemorrhaging threat a beast with no back

or destiny worth giving flack for I’m drinking in

the signs that line this hollow road

wondering where ever did I come from

and where I went wrong


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