shoes dropping

an atom bomb of memories

eccentric diseased and unseemly

bleating out the pleas of

no longer me this isn’t fair

this isn’t how its supposed to

culminate and resonate I’m certain

that a certain cretin is just on the edge

of my perception and my stress is making

my cat go crazy as she knocks shit over

just to try and un-phase me from this

black space my brain is eclipsing

tripping with each breath I’m stripping

the walls of my cell inside and baring the brunt

of a thousand angry riots

my guts are churning bile like butter

up and down about to puke this shit out

I cannot let this happen this revelation

stamped in the ashes

where I could lift the foggy curtain and see

with another’s eyes the tragedies that befell

a group of friends and family long ago

solid chance I’ll burn straight through

and ignite when the truth comes to light

that its all building towards something

this rotted husk of me my agony

is purposeful and pained

I’m the sum of all this hate directed

and infected by my days



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