green skies caught in the embers of

a strategy to keep me lonely

wholesome nights and isolation bites

into my skin a tryst with tragedy

stick up for each biased being

a friend in need is a stretch when

they need me and I can’t reach them

in the end when it comes down to being

needy and repentant a repulsive ingrate

I freckle my skin with solomn vows

to be a better batter mix myself with

everything I disavow

I still come calling when you

knock upon the door thrice

gradually turning my advice into

sand a bent grain grinding me

in past tense and intensely defensive

I’m not worthy of anyone but the

lowest lollygagger

this forty something silver soul

and it takes its toll I pay it upfront

taxing my ability to see the fortunes that

I would accrue if you’d come bother me

I need an upstart to come

misbehave and be brazen with me

but its enough to gaze out my window

and see all I can see


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