the body before me

creased and crescent with ink

and unpleasant sensation to bear

I bore the stares of eager glares

from one much older a father, figures…

not enough to be myself but now I’m

stitched together with the ink

the ties that bind me together

much farther than skin deep I

made a play for each an plan to

be at ease with bleeding

this body often four foot three

swells to be me when remembering

the ink  that spewed wretched from needles

piercing me and making me believe

the truth instead of the lie that I am ME

and to ME I belong no other claims

this skin I’ll save each inch  with

tortuous libations

drinking in the dark

spill blood in droplets

just to leave the marks and

though not by my hand

it is my PLAN that MAKES ME

and makes me understand

that being this inked fiend this

misunderstood and broken being

is enough for me as long as I am

only ME and MINE and MYSELF



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