a flicker floating from beyond

my realm of perception lost to

the time I tumbled back asswards into

a crypt that was lonely and hollow

hard to say just when this started

or just when the occupant departed

now I’m slacked jawed enchanted and

most of of all broken hearted

loving this

eccentric beast without meaning

or any release I’m ย just pleading to

be the feast when the night comes down

and I’m at my best at being uncle fester

it is all in jest but I’m the hunchback

to your mad scientist just a couple of

goons trying to play “gawd” and


but you’ve got a lot off track when it comes

to knowing I exist it took a while for you to

see my face or the way my eyes

linger there in cruel disgrace

discredit my affection it suits you just fine

to scream and beat your chest and

keep this cretin in line

cause one day we’ll up and create

something more than eternity

a monster to some but it will be quite fun

to see it rise

and as your faithful servant I’ll be first in line

to hear its birth cries


(p.s. reader: I literally searched “shitty clipart frankenstein” and picked the first image >:D)


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