wrapped in fabric like an effigy

and all my faults are nailed to me

I’m a trinket of a much higher ghost

lost to myself and cast on the winds

an ethereal base and blasted twin

of every living thing I come to host

and its such a shame that I’m not

the one to blame it would be easier

to go on hating myself

but it all comes down to

one night a thousand miles ago

when my father hit the road and

I first tasted hatred and loneliness

bitter pill to most but I was just a kid

never knew what to feel or what

I should forbid

I give myself freedom to now

come to terms with hating

when it comes to that cold feeling

I feel disgusted with myself

and its enough to come around

to feelings I couldn’t allow

but now its worse and this  next verse

is definitely meant to be shouted

leave me be let me be free of all the shit you started

a thousand miles and a thousand words are now

dearly departed

no more rancid dreams and things I couldn’t even think

you packed your bags and planted a seed

and now I’m left with naught but dreams

nightmares to most but now you’re just a ghost

and I’m your empty host

to all the hollow things you left behind

not even belongings left to find

so this day I forget your face and your disgrace

and I’m just left with bitter taste



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