I’m sitting here decoding this queer twist

an apocalyptic tryst with feeling frisky

seeing red and bleating out the words I’ve already said

the repetition never does get old when I’m

blasting fasting plastered and bold

I can only be myself when I’m with her

and nobody else

and its a tactical misstep that I’m staying true and

being all I can be without much more meaning

than animal noises spouted sanctimoniously

its a batter dipped and fried

emulation of living life

where I’m tied to the wheel and sinking fast

outlasting all the others I’ve ever had

so I’m slipping a mix of eccentricity into

this kind hearted banter filled brevity

its leaving me fulfilled while  I’m bleeding out

and swallowing every pill

so come forward and make me whole

with a conjugation of all I’m told

will come to pass one cold day in hell

when we meet at last and all is well



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