ephemeral lines in my x-rays in time

with the time it takes to make this mistake

and make up my mind when it comes to pass

where I’m passing up chances for every last dance

so where did I fall in line with these cruel insidious Ideologies

where I’m not much of myself I’m somebody else and covering  my

face with crooked hands

a mask of fingers taunt taught to reflect a glance and keep me

in my shell of misery and purpose pants

I’m nothing with out an outlet for the me within

but damned if I’m growing further from all of them

just one left just one great intake of my jokingly toking up

cracked inner vase and I’m not enough of a man to fill

this leaking glass still I’m thrilled at the thoughts that

fill my head in stances and stanzas of sleeping reminiscences

do you remember the way I was back then just a child maybe ten

still full of life and full of smirking grins

often mistaken for a girl but I’m not really thrilled by this

my voice has always been shrill and I’m piercing the veil with each

midnight enchantment dance



4 thoughts on “CRACKED

  1. Still full of life and smirking grins, with you on that one buddy. Hoping to find that shade of a child in a darkened cinema next month with Star Wars. I am nearly bawling every time I see the shorts now. God knows I need it at the moment.

    They will probably ask you your age at the door and if your over forty five, they will hand you tissues. Really looking forward to it though. What about the guy that is dying of cancer and got to see an unfinished version. I am not that pissed off, that I would want to be dying to see an early Star Wars.

  2. But I give you the tip and your 400 followers, I had a realisation. I am damn fool, thinking a movie will tell me what I want to know. Those closer will have a better idea. Fuck, I am good.

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