the scarcity of my faux face

a farce belied and lies told to many

of this atrocity that costs me many things

a puppet held up by my own strings

tied taunt and never sought out but

I’m breaking in the damned thing

with every night that I am bellowed at

of all that I could be if I just

let go from the get go get in gear

and let myself be me

I’d splinter into a brand new being

and burst forth from the scenery

a bastard child fatherless yet true

to being what I was meant to be

a cannon fodder follower

a lost soul bound to spring

and falling farther



2 thoughts on “RAT BASTARD

  1. You Goose! a favourite saying of mine. There is this mythical creature, with downturned horns and a armour of leather, red of fire and beard (fuck that’s good!). I hate it how I always have to exclaim when I think I have had said something clever, probably what makes me a poor poet. Anyway, back to you.

    Something that would give the dark night in Monty Python a run for his money. Fuck! you have lost some limbs! you don’t know shit!

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