My substance is the stuff of

effervescence and  split tongued lies

where I’m one thing to the rest of you

and another to those who I hide behind

I’m a sing song effort to belong wherever

I find myself dancing

and its singes me where its tender

that I cannot be

the being I’m meant to be

free from shackles self imposed and

self righteous melodies where the

tinkling of the keys bruises me with

every downward stroke

I’m downtrodden by my own damned foot

in me is enough fear to start a career in

being scared shitless and shirtless

I’m scary and worthless

it hurts this deep seated fear

of standing tall and hearing out

the arguments of needing to get up

kick from under me the chair

I can’t throw down my cane

because it’s just become bearable

so the we in me will be square when I’m

tearing though harems and

not shedding tears or fearing what goes where

so put me at the forefront of my own

straggling struggle to behave even close

to a god damned human

where I’m wearing everything that a

man would wear

thin excuses worn thin and brought to bear

broaching subjects I’m the subject of subjugation

and strangulation

but at the end of the day it’s by my own hand

that I’m searing

my own cell that I’m bleeding into

breathing life into this caterwauling rave

of waves and dots unconnected

Picture of me 3


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