a night of static reeling and

feelings without meaning

I’m seeing and all seemingly

tearing up the ceiling

so stream me pick me up and

unravel this junk I call my

overpriced reality

where I am but me but not all

that I seem I’m splitting at the seams

and thrilled that it can be

this treatise of hairs cut at the scalp

where I’m  worn to the bone but

never giving up sit up and spit up

my splintered thoughts my hips

and cracking up my spine is

undone over wrought and rewound

a cassette unbound by the tape

that held me down help me out

and you will find me mind me

my manners are untimely

I’m sprinting now shitting out

each syllable I’m spouting

find me at the cusp of this delivery

my package is stacked this way  up but

falling down I’m crowned the king of

misdirection the red herring affection

a brooding aberration of an election

this town needs the red paint I’m spewing

its glued to its heels and unraveling eschewed

bring me back to the top where I was before

a whore to myself a tinkerer a chore

but no bore no more I’m bringing back

narcissistic heart attacks of

talking smack and taking none back





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