wringing my hands

waiting for something insipid as

inspiration while clammy forethought

rethought retreads my treatment of this

boring intrinsically pointless clamor of

spoiled sentences rotted in there

deranged degradation there strange insurrection

the rebellion of truth to fantasy of flight from

this cold barren earth

only good for burying bad ideas

and oh this landscape is a hellscape

an escapade  of lines

connections between dotted tombstones

and erectile alleyways

not always right-ways or right-side up

but bring it all down to this

bound to this drown me in frowns

and sounds like I’m howling this

pissed off echo of a trumped up banter

where I’m my own inner dialog

begging for an answer




    • Thanks, that’s actually pretty spot on, Blair Witch Project was awesome! It was the the first successful “found footage” movie, which then sorta exploded into a whole genre, with movies like Paranormal Activity and its million sequels! Yeah, I’m sort of a horror nerd… >:P

  1. Would’nve guessed that. Saw the cover of Poltergeist. Sam did a good job. Bit disappointed there wasn’t coffins poppin up everwhere. But otherwise, it was a faithful reproduction. Reproduction is such a stupid word.

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