who targets the

blistered bodies of the

disabled when  unable to

fend for themselves or even

understand and all those

who would help would get

shot down en-mass

and no explanation given

just faces hidden behind masks

and hints in the subtext of

more to come next week


an hour from now

its all picking up speed this

catastrophic calamity

this rush towards something

with bloody broken teeth

where I’m just watching and

silently hoping

the mass murderers were

flying under the proper banner

just so this shit doesn’t get


like so many times before

where grinning faced politician

count the bodies for political gain

where faces no longer matter

only splattered brains

and who targets the helpless?

the hopelessly lost and in need of


when you shoot up a social services

what end are you serving?

to what cause are you splurging your lives

and others for?

when tomorrow brings fresh horrors

to eager eyed news screens

and freckled faced social media

all clamoring for the next big


and I’m just hoping

that just this once

it was some rednecks with

a persecution complex

so that the election doesn’t go south

and send the whole country into

a god damning tailspin

a god fearing witch hunt where which

color of your skin  dictates whether

or not you practice that particular

dark craft



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