I spit in silence

toiling in unknown epochs

each tap a tit for tat

each downward stroke

a reminiscence of

a feeling burning

incendiary thought process

churning and boiling within me

so hard that I type a million miles

and twice as many mistakes

typos in my blood type

excruciating errors ingrained

in my very DNA

so let me engrave this ingratiating repose

on the tombstone of a rant ignored

I’ll not let my echos to your silence

rent space in my overbooked brain

for I know that each beautiful fuck up

leads to somewhere, everywhere, nowhere

faster than standing still

and letting the empty wordless stillness

overtake me in a flood of

toneless aggression


2 thoughts on “TO ALL THAT IGNORE

    • Thank you! For the comments, and the constructive criticism! My writing process, however, isn’t very conducive to proper flow… It just sorta comes out, and then its there, and I’m all half embarrassed cause its very much akin to something bizarre and biological and I never look at it again… I USED to have a friend edit them for me, but she’s no longer taking up that particular role in my life, to do reasons and such… >:]

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