me oh my

my secrets fly and

overfilling thrilling the skies

with fears on high and

tainted dreams held higher

I’m ticking down and building up

this crescent moon funeral pyre

I’m incorrectly wired my

brains insurrection inspired

its acquired its only truth

its destiny to wreak truth

speak from the place of youth

and solemnly swear its

only true cause is to

unveil my face and

expose myself to all that

hate and abate me

cinch and castrate me

with this self imposed

loneliness and isolation

past times avoided

cell phones destroyed

and social tendencies

never ever rewarded

and I’m ripping off this

mask made of skin that

was never ever meant to

last this long and keep me

buried underneath itself

so now I’m spitting truths

I never told anyone

and its tearing me up

but I need destruction to become

the binks I was

before all this fear and self loathing

encroached upon my soul

before I made the mold to break me

before I burried in my face

and forsook all eccentricity

the many mirrored faces of me



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