rain comes in waves

a swarm of living things

an impetuous ringing

a swinging into

new beginnings and

autumn feelings on the

cusp of spring

I’m midwinter searing

hot coals into bare feet

where I’m lacking the courage

to let go and be seen

as the truth keeps leaking

and overspilling all the

aspects of me

the faces beneath the

contrast between

what you perceive and what’s

really really me

I’m a thousand  times more

complex than you’ve begun to believe

and bereaving the loss of me just

begins where  I’m bred into being

as a new being just breathing

the air of a cruel and careless

never fair but unaware

of this incredulous blasphemy

where I’m finally free and

bleeding queasily

but triple frosted with sprinkles

all over me



One thought on “SPRINKLES

  1. You can draw, that is stating the obvious. Like my wife, who can draw aboriginal art. She is Mad as a Bastard as well. I would be off, if I had a talent like that.

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