dancing on the verge of a nautilus

nautical mystery

I’m not inclined to believe

that this coat and my cynical tone

will be enough to make it real

it’s a blasphemous day at dawn

and I’m

two steps from going along with this

wretched song

where its not enough to be

a tinkerer a treasure seeker

I’ve got to be what I believe in

so its coming to pass at last

that this

sunken ship is rising at half mast

and I taste the brine in the air

signaling me to begin to care

so unfair that this tragic upstart

should seek closure with a heart

in shards

where I’m

just a plain clothed hobbit

and a child at heart

can you understand the plan

where it’s

just enough just to be a

nautical man

so I’ve never stepped foot on a


or had a decent relationship

but I’m opening up doors closed so long

that the hinges are rusted and the nob

is rusted and nearly gone

can you taste this haste that bleeds into being

when I’m careless with secrets and

shouting out my being

when the island is close and I refuse to be

nothing but a binks on a

foamy sea



2 thoughts on “NAUTILUS

  1. The Nautilus is special, early Human kind imitated it in drawing, trust me, I saw it on a doco one time. That may not be true, but there still special.

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