taken aback by this crooked spine

I’m taking time to signal my

sentimental reasons for this easy

way of life where I am

constantly in pain and quite deranged

it’s time to change but am I

enough of a warrior to let go of

worry and fear

its been a long time since I held myself

in contempt

left my confidence entranced by my

countless reasons to be damned

and I am a twisted length of rope

a coiled snake without hope of ever

striking out and leaving behind

guilt and remorse for this morsel of truth

where I taste the bitter tang of youth forgotten

and throughout the years I’ve left behind

so many good friends

slowly backing away from all the

so called loved ones that I

will never make amends with

I will never give another chance to

these people left me scarred and broken

or rather more so than a feelings whore so

never break my trust cause I’m already

crusted and falling down a

turtle on a frozen glacier of false hope

and emotional decrees

where I’m never quite believing

that this turmoil will end

an endless cycle of

disastrous catastrophes

and a back that bends



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