back in a blackened saddle

sucking down the affirmation that

all this drool and babble will

someday amount to something

more than words on a screen

more than echoes plaining bleeding

and bleating out the sound I make

when I’m pleading for this entropy to cease

no more no less just confessing abreast

of this duress that keeps me

burying the truth of all my

nocturnal proclivities and

daylight doesn’t save me when

the morning comes I’m the same me

that I’ve always been before

just a whore to all the needs I

constantly feed

breeding desire in me with every

visual distraction an inaction all the

fear in me creates

never abates

never lets go of my throat

on secret faces I choke

and tone down the words

I speak in ease

no release

no levity for me when I am

away from the few sources of

my freedom

I’m a whole different me



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