pulling back on the reigns on

an inclination blamed

on a tragedy born from

several thousand mistakes

and there’s not much to say

but this identity I claimed is

a train derailed a saintly shame

where I’m putting all these

words and theories to the test

touching on all the best parts

and leaving the rest

can you blame me for

not wanting to be me

shirking this beard born self

and trekking off to parts where the kelp

joins hands with seas unspoiled

and unmarred by boils

this face is royalty waged against serfs

a pleasant peasant birthed

and forfeited from the shame

I placed myself on a pedestal

stacked high with untruths

and faux ruthlessness

so three decades in and

I’m still discovering myself

still uncovering in deep sands

parts of me that can’t see

or stand the ruse I relied on

to keep me safe

in my ruined youth



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