growing accustomed to this

new phase of my being

where those close to me

are trickling to

knowing deeper secrets within

my twisted torso and its not enough

to just reveal these things

I have to make it apparent that

I’m still the same me I’ve always

been a long lonely time with

just one source of release

a million miles away but close to my heart

and its flickering within my soul

that I will be okay now that

I’m speaking of all the

buried things I’ve

felt revolted by

so I’m spreading love and opening up

my triple caged heart

trumping desires and starting fires

letting out the wind within my

surly voice is breaking down

and slowly being born anew into

the sound of me when I’m

comfortable with you

so don’t be frightened if I seem

a little different than I was with you

I’m still the same me I always was

you just know a bit more of me


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