delving deep into the brine

of a sea unclean

unsheathed from the rind

that ensconces me

and I feel

in three dimensions and

see it all so clear again

the smells the scents the

texture of a timeline bent

this whimpering ripples where

my brain unfurled and I trip

to the nausea and feel myself


its a dream while awake

a nightmare that bade its

time to rewind to the seconds

where it all began

a memory a sensory blasphemy

the task for me at hand is to

relive this shit again

and I’m just a passenger for

my brain and it reclaims the right

to freeze with unease again

no escaping this once it starts

I’m just a man in minefield

my mind is a disastrous

lark and I harken to the days

where I was just a boy no joy just

the brevity of eternity

the breadth of a century

millennium of catastrophes

tasting each moment in time

with beating of my pounding heart

the quickening of breath and the

recollections of stenches unkind

I’ll be fine one day or never

I’ll never be much better than

right now

right here where I’d better

be kind to this mind where its

breath is exhaling into me

a plethora of feelings

each tied to a moment

when I bleed in past tense

but it feels like forever

it feels like I never

grew older and bolder

and felt like and elder

in that moment I’m a child again

born again in fire


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