caught in a daze and hardly amazed

by the entropy I feel in me

it’s a complication and I’m deranged

twisted fucked up and blighted by my being

I’m being a balled up fist with no place to

risk it all at thrusting down

its a stupid twist when I’m breaking my wrist

just to feel a tryst and stop fucking around

no time to delay this eccentric relay where

I’m plotting a maze less travelled and way

out of line when I sign in passing time and

its not my time to stop blowing it all

of this network is open to me

a vast blank expanse of caustic creativity

where I’m more of me than I am in a breeze

blowing softly and seething I’m hardly

breathing at ease with this implanted destiny

to keep in mind all I am to be

one day one time one thousand mimes

I’m parroting everyone and never



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