rolling away from this bitter haze

thinking of running away to better days

where this insistent pleading voice

is just a part of me held at bay

where I’m complacently adjacent to

where I need to be

just a phone call away from

being at ease

and its north that I’m heading

in realized dreams where I’m

just a breeze flowing up and being

the me I need to be so

please give me a way to be

just a few more months and I’m

left with nothing

no reason to hold me here anymore

I’m a splintered log and something

less than an atrocity

no longer being born

so can I face the reality

of a meeting birthed a thousand years ago

when I was a broken being

put back together

in your image and more

so can you see me now

can I see you now

can I be your best friend

in more than words

in truth I’m hurting and needing

to get away from this

hobbit hole where I’m split twofold

and a shit to you when I have

anyone around

I’m screaming out in a voice I

built up just because you let me

and scolded me a thousands nights

to be a better binks

and so I dream of being me and me alone

no longer alone but with you?




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