On why I botched NaPoWriMo, TASTE TOUCH, SEE SOUND

SO ANYWAY I screwed up NaPoWriMo pretty much automatically, but to be fair that first weekend was one of the rare occasions that I had company, that being a friend, and was around another human being for a spell.  BUT it did kinda suck that I couldn’t even last more than a day when last year I wrote like someone possessed by a cadre of pissed off muses high on INSPIRATION.  That being said, its probably better for me to garner human interaction than it would be to delve deep into my insomnia ridden brain for thirty days in an attempt to beat some imaginary goal.  ANYWAY: back to the grindstone I guess…


caught taunt between

a reckless cause

still beyond my control and

I’m fluttering sputtering

shaking my soul and its

baseless caseless meant to be

that I flip the switch on this

atrocity born disease

I’m a bitter man thats all smiles

and verbal ticks betwixt my

grinding teeth I’m

a better binks when I’m happy

but a badass word slinger

when I’m bottoming

out in this world

and burning every bridge

that only lead to poison

people see me

scream at me from across the street

cause I’m a costume wearing

a human being that’s that’s shouting

with my pouting I’m still floundering

and beating the odds when I spout shit at

a man that’s paid to listen

to me in crass conditions spilling

every drop with each admission

that I’m broken blasted shattered casting

every stone right back at my





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