caught in an echo chamber

of reverberating recollections

half remembered sensations of

taste touch and sound

and I’m not sound of mind or

ready for this moment I’ve

procrastinated for so long and

now its going on being done

for me on my behalf by a

simple sibling ready when

I am not ready I’m not

even steady handed when

thinking of the answers to

questions being spoken

more or less answered

my answers are coming

the backlash is coming

the fallout from a thirty one

year journey towards nothing

and I’m rough around the edges

still cracking and crackling

snap crackle STOP

I can’t handle this PLEASE

leave me to my emptiness

my vacancy my hollow being

I still taste feel smell and

most of all HEAR THIS THING

these moments cast in stone

carved tablets in me that have

marked occasions overwhelming

and left me a broken binks



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