I’m going to take a minute to talk about politics because, what the hell, right?

Donald Trump strikes me as an unseemly amalgamate of entertainer and megalomaniacal maniac.  He’s like a carnival barker selling his own personal freakshow of fear and hatred, and the fact that anyone can look at his smarmy face while he spouts that drivel and not feel revulsion is chilling to say the least.  If he gets elected it’ll set a precedent of progressively more bizarre and sideways thinking like minded asshats who are more in it for ratings than any sort of political or societal progress.  I’m not entirely convinced he’s not in it as some sort of weird piece of performance art that’s a setup for a new terrible reality show.  If he gets elected there is pretty much no way he won’t say the words “I’m hired” at the inauguration, then everyone viewing at the event or via media with half a brain will simultaneously vomit and break some sort of world record for most people puking their guts out in unison.

His personal brand is that of enticing fear, that’s his whole ticket, his whole chance at getting elected.  If we as a society chose to fall for this stupidly obvious ruse, then I hate to say it, but we have whatever outlandish series of presidents to follow coming.  I’ve heard the more paranoid among us suggest the idea of him started global conflicts with his hostile rhetoric, but I think it’ll be more subtle than that.  He’ll be in a position of power yes, but we’d still have two thirds of the government not functioning on the level of a particularly sadistic thirteen year old boy, so I’m hoping that’ll be enough to prevent the world from sinking into a mire of war.  He will however do everything in his power to, well, stay in power.  I’ve heard him referred to as “the last president” and that is also severely troubling.  His ideals are probably not even his own, simply borrowed from the more paranoid and afraid among us, those seething with hatred and ignorance.  He is a reflection of how far gone we are as a nation, where we would give this icon of racism, sexism, and homophobia the soggiest of snowball’s chance in the hottest of hells of becoming the most powerful man in the world.

So if at all possible you need to vote this election season, the only thing that’s going to prevent the trumpocaust is all rational people throwing their hats in the ring of “enough is enough” and sending this guy packing.  I don’t care if you don’t believe your vote would be enough to sway the grinding machine of politics, I don’t care if you particularly like either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.  I say again: Donald Trump is IN NO WAY a politician, he is the black heart of humanity itself run amuck.  He is our darkest fears and most misguided loathings personified.



  1. Here’s a Poem, Trump, like a Chump
    I liked the Monkey movies, when they reigned supreme
    I felt a bid bad about my own kind
    How did we end up like this?\
    They, the last Humans will see posters
    This red haired human.

  2. Ok, your crazy. Hey man, good news, my girlfriends son has got help, finally. In the Ipswich Mental Hospital. Come out of left field. It is kinda strange to watch. She stuck through, even when I’d written him off.
    Strange to see.

    • As far as me feeling the need to get all political (which you’re right, it’s not something I often do) I’m honestly afraid of the direction this country will go in if he gets elected. This all just seems like history repeating, he really does have the demeanor of a dictator. If you know anything about the despots of the past, they always set you up with an enemy when times are tough, they give you a direction to place your hate in and then use that fervor to gain power. SO YEAH, Trump is terrifying in every way possible, and THAT’S why I chose to take a break from writing depressing poetry about heartache and my severely skewed sense of self to rant about a toad man in a three piece suite who likes to yell a lot and incite his followers to damned-near-riots.

    • ALSO: glad to hear your girlfriends son is getting help, you’d think in this day an age there wouldn’t be much room left for stigma and self loathing/denial when it comes to mental illness, but there very much is. People sometimes would rather rot away inside their own skulls than face the fact that they have a serious problem in need of outside interference/help. I know it was like that for me when I first started receiving treatment, an uphill battle against my own doubts and fears and the perception of ME as a person I expected to come with having someone aid me with my issues.

  3. He is a changed man as far as I can tell on the phone calls I have had with him. He didn’t even swear once! He was the mild mannered fella I always took him to be. He finally has a diagnosis (Scizophrenia -drug induced, the last bit is my diagnosis), so he is on decent medication, even Police audited so I understand.

    It is a wild crazy ride deally with Mental Health. Thank God I have you to ground me.

  4. Your very much right, about the rotting away in skulls thing. But there is the bigger picture. Us isolating him because of his aberrant behaviour for a good couple of years. Not just isolating him, I shit you not, but with a drug addicted sister who supplied him and a father who did not give a shit. I shit you not. This is just me trying to figure it out. I beat the father (lucky to get out of an assault thing), the son and threw out the daughter.

    He is not a changed man. I spoke to dude at Ipswich Mental Hospital, Scott. He was a professional. As always, he said the earlier you get to the problem, the better chance of solving it is. Ok , I finally understand.

    I suppose that applies to my prostrate.

    • When I first got my disability I spent about ten years living with my older brother who was far worse off mentally that I was, I hardly ever left the house and was consigned to taking care of him, because of his constant mental breakdowns and propensity towards threats and acts of violence. The poem Adrift in the Abyss I wrote recently was about running into him out in public and having him attempt to apologize to me, which actually happened this past monday. >:[

  5. Fuck The Chump Trump, you need a video grab of chimpanzee with red hair raising his fist . No chimpanzees were hurt in the filming of this video.

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