I am drifting and sifting through

cloud scattered entropy

and caught unaware though

the warnings were all there

approached by a beast

speaking calmly but sending me

into palpitations of regret

beating heart bleating out in step

as I speed walk away from this encounter

where all I could do is mutter

apology not accepted

this is the exception to the rule

that blood is thicker than

waters running deep within me

concealing floating travesties of me

inflicted epochs of all this senseless agony

and I’m adrift

in this abyss where I will never see the day

through a thousand leagues of black waters

for starters the pain that blackened me




5 thoughts on “ADRIFT IN THE ABYSS

  1. Funnily enough, it is very similar in style to my poem Forsaken. I hope you don’t mind me posting it, (you can take it off once you read it if you want). Although mine is more about regret and is not quite as scary as yours! I have given up poetry now anyway, nobody seems bloody interested! So they can go all get stuffed! I will concentrate on the short story form.
    I traverse this maze
    These so solid walls of pride
    Sometimes hearing a long unheard voice
    Of someone on the other side
    A plaintive calling of my name
    This censure held onto with a crusaders lust
    But all I can think of, is blame
    So righteously, painfully
    Dead ends come upon me
    Again and again
    Sometimes a light-heartedness presides
    Threatens to lift me above these walls
    But eventually, my old guard consumes all
    My armour of reasons weighing me down
    Those forsaken voices can still be heard
    Though fainter and fainter they become
    I wander this maze for what seems an age
    Until I find, even the old guard has taken his leave!
    Left me! How dare he!
    I fear the exit that may come upon me now

      • They do care about poetry, but it has to have rhyme and meter and something else, which I not to sure about. Don’t get me wrong, like you would give a fuck anyway. They seem to not like wordage that slightly bucks the usual, they don’t understand it, that is different versions. That’s all I can say.

      • well its like I said, I write my stuff for myself, mostly for therapeutic reasons, and it tends to end up very raw and I’m not a big fan of editing so it stays that way. Bucking the usual is just a bonus! >:]

  2. Approached by a beast, I have seen him. Through the laced curtains of my bedroom when I was young.My Star Wars wallpaper saved me, I am sure. It freaked me out.

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